Hope After Loss

Hope After Loss is a non profit organization based in New Haven, CT. Their mission is to help those who experience pregnancy and or infant loss to find the inspiration of hope by providing connections, comfort and care. They also help cover some costs of funeral service fees.

When my husband and I lost our child, never in our life time did we think we would ever have to plan a funeral service for our own child. Our circumstances were unforeseen and everything happened so quickly.

Some decisions we had to make were do we bury our child or cremate? Funeral service or none? Do we tell everyone we know or just our family? What kind of urn or casket? Should we get a Catholic Priest to come pray? Should we keep her urn in a niche or at home? How can we afford to pay for the services?

As you can see, no parent can ever prepare for their child's death. We are  thankful and blessed for our family and friends and organizations such as Hope After Loss that help with child loss grief.

Many parents will go through what my husband and I endured. There are many dark days and some ok days. We may look fine from the outside but in the inside we are tortured every day knowing one of our child is not here with us.

Your purchase will be more meaningful than you could ever imagine. Thank you.