My long awaited confirmation

After Amara passed, I prayed many times for her to appear in my dreams. I wanted to know if she knows that I love her and that I am sorry for not knowing how to help her. My heart continued to ache and I was not content until I got some sort of confirmation from her.After almost three (which felt like forever) years, I had the most beautiful dream! There was a girl in a white gown with long dark hair floating behind a gold vintage leaf picture frame. The background looked as if we were in the sky. She...

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The Story of Amara

2/6/2020: I was 22 weeks pregnant. It was like any typical Thursday; got home from work, ate dinner, showered and got myself and my 1 year old ready for bed. I laid with him while reading a book. Shortly after, I felt a gush of water unexpectedly release from down there. I rushed to the bathroom and the liquid continued to drip into the toilet. I thought to myself that this isn’t normal so I called my dr. She recommended I check myself into labor and delivery. At this point, I didn’t think much of it. I didn’t know what...

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