My long awaited confirmation

After Amara passed, I prayed many times for her to appear in my dreams. I wanted to know if she knows that I love her and that I am sorry for not knowing how to help her. My heart continued to ache and I was not content until I got some sort of confirmation from her.

After almost three (which felt like forever) years, I had the most beautiful dream! There was a girl in a white gown with long dark hair floating behind a gold vintage leaf picture frame. The background looked as if we were in the sky. She “said” to me that she’s ok. She didn’t verbally say it to me but she was able to communicate in a way where I understood. 

That was it, that “she’s ok” and it was the only confirmation I needed. Every morning now, I wake up with a lighter heart knowing that she sees me and hears me. Of course I still yearn for her physical presence but I’ll take what I can get. 


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